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When employers adopt Harassment and Discrimination (and other proactive) policies, and implement programs and procedures designed to ameliorate bullying or other workplace problems, they not only meet their legal obligations but also send a strong message to their employees and to the public that they operate a progressive and sophisticated organization that respects and values all of its employees.

However, these organizations often lack up-to-date knowledge of the complicated laws involved and thus require outside expertise. The development and implementation of these policies and programs can be especially challenging for national and multi-national companies whose employees and contractors work within different jurisdictions. Communication between a head office and its satellite offices or worksites can also be problematic.

Each member of The Integrity Group maintains in-depth knowledge of workplace and human rights laws which apply to different jurisdictions, and although we are lawyers, we have the ability to communicate these important concepts without the “legalese”.

In order to establish the right policy or program for your organization, The Integrity Group typically engages in the following process:

  • We meet with client representatives in order to identify their organization’s particular needs and priorities;
  • We review the policies and programs which that organization currently has in place to assess where they may require revision, updating, or rewriting;
  • Where necessary, we develop new policies and programs tailored to the client;
  • Where necessary, we develop and present customized workshops and seminars on a variety of topics in these areas;
  • We assist with developing a plan to introduce this new material to the workplace, including training advisors or facilitators within the client’s organization; and
  • We make ourselves fully available for our clients to seek advice, consultation services, and support throughout the development, implementation, and maintenance phases of these programs.
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The Integrity Group, Vancouver, BC, are experts and professional Lawyers in Human Rights Law Consulting within North America (Canada and the United States). Helping companies to become a respectful workplace by preventing discrimination in the workplace, psychological harassment, bullying, workplace aggression & abuse, and sexual harassment. Offering policy development, workplace harassment coaching, harassment independent investigations, diversity in the workplace, Human Rights training for prevention, workshops and seminars, conflict resolution, facilitation, mediation, debriefing, interventions, and ombuds services.